Are you distracted?

Are you distracted?
One thing you can accept as certain is that our lives are full of distractions. You might be so determined to accomplish your to do list and yet at the end of the day not much is been completed. Let’s look at some logical ways to control the largest time waster that we all face.
We’ve all seen managers that run around like chickens with their heads cut off, going from one fire to the other considering that their normal day. The most productive way to accomplish things however is totally opposite of that. Arrange your tasks with the most important items listed first, and then work your list. Bring one item to completion before beginning the next task. Have the self-discipline to bring each task to completion and you’ll find immediately you get much more done. After all, you can start six different tasks and think that is wonderful and not complete a single one. Does this even remotely sound productive and efficient?
We all know the answer to that! You’ll find initially disciplining yourself to bringing a task to completion will create some challenges as you postpone going from fire to fire into accomplishment. Rest assured developing this into your life will be very rewarding and allow you to get a lot more done during the day using less time.
Cell Phones
One of the largest distractions in today’s world is the way we use our cell phones. My personal cell phone makes noises when various things are posted in social media and such. It also makes a noise for attacks, incoming call, and voicemail. I personally consider it rude when I’m in a discussion with somebody and they answer their cell phone as though I’m not even present. I am learning self-discipline also applies to cell phones.
Whenever I am in a project I need to make sure my cell phone is now turned off. If in a training session or meeting I am turning the cell phone off. This should also apply to eating dinner or in a conversation with family. My cell phone is getting turned off more. And on a side note a big cell phone time waster is to load it with various games such as candy crush. I admit to have had these games on my phone in the past however, not one single game remains. A total waste of time!
I challenge you to look at the distractions you have in your life. These are only a few examples however, my hope is you look at your life seeking ways to reduce your distractions and instead focus on accomplishing your tasks.
Rob Gehring, President
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