Be Great Where You Are

One of my core beliefs is that life is a process. Even at times people don’t believe they have a process, they do it’s just a bad one. Well hidden in the path to success is a process also, that we want to look at with more detail today.
I’ve noticed countless times individuals with great talent and ability that don’t perform well on a daily basis. Their expectation is that when they get that big promotion or raise they will began performing at a level of greatness. People that believed this find life isn’t fair and they’re going to have a long wait for someone to recognize their talents and abilities. To be noticed and given promotions or raises goes to the individuals that are standing out.
The Cleveland Cavaliers achieved the championship of the NBA last year and are very competitive, as they work to earn another title this year. One of their bench players Kay Felder is a small professional basketball player, at only 5’9. He wasn’t playing much and was sent down to the development league in Canton Ohio. He played in one game there scoring 33 points and was promptly promoted back to the Cavaliers that needed to fill slots due to player injuries. Most people would take the demotion personally and may even consider it embarrassing. It could have distracted him with his mind full of negative thoughts questioning his ability. Instead, he took it as a challenge and was determined to be great where he was causing him to stand out with 33 points production in his first game. The last two games he was an important part in helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win, illustrating in great detail his potential for greatness in the NBA. He has several good excuses why he should never be great. He isn’t tall enough, he’s on a championship team and won’t have enough time on the floor and the coach demoted him. Instead he has chosen a process to be great where he is and do his best every day to earn his shot at success.
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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