Being Your Best

I’ve often used the medical profession as a comparison for dealership service. The reason is they generally do an exceptional job with everything from the appointment, customer intake, and follow-up.
Recently I went to my local Dr. to discuss a pain that I’ve been having in my left arm for about six months. The doctor sent me off for an x-ray which was negative so the next step was the orthopedic surgeon for evaluation. The diagnosis was tendinitis and now I am starting physical therapy which leads me to the point of today’s email.
My first therapy session was just completed which led me to understand in no uncertain terms a great lesson in life. To address the discomfort in my arm is a series of exercises is to be done daily. The therapist pointed out in great detail how building up the muscles will overcome the discomfort in time.
It hit me like a 2 x 4 between my forehead that if I had been exercising consistently the discomfort never would have begun. Isn’t that a similar truth with every aspect of our life?
Your Management might believe a customer intake process that includes walkarounds is best however, you don’t do it and over time illustrates a cost in customer care. You must take action and implement best practice processes to have a consistent healthy result in life. For your therapy session today determine what you have been avoiding. What’s causing you pain? It doesn’t go away without you exercising daily. I am confident any issue you don’t address just gets worse. Get busy to address your pain and improve the quality of your life today.

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