Bottom Line Up

There are a lot of dealerships that analyze their financial performance from the bottom line up. If they’re making good money on the bottom line they are at peace with performance and seldom look up for opportunities. When doing on-site consulting with our clients, we believe real improvements are found in understanding the details and everything above the bottom line. 

An example is our Margin Plus program that gets retail pricing on warranty repairs from the manufacturer. We just got an approval for one of our clients today that paid out our fees in just two weeks! If your management technique was from the bottom-line results only you might miss this opportunity on warranty repairs. It might be your department isn’t profitable so you don’t want to hire top talent that you consider an expense instead of adding individual that might take your department to record performance. 

Cutting costs alone will never bring a department into long-term profitability. Having the wisdom and experience to invest in quality people and state-of-the-art equipment will bring the best results on a consistent basis. Japanese corporations are well-known to take a long-term view over financial performance and not go after the common practice of making this quarter look good found in American companies. The Japanese focus is on people and processes providing training and the best equipment available. In this approach they make investments today that benefits financially in the future. 

Is your dealership taking a long-term approach with profitability? Are you so focused on the bottom line this month that you miss opportunities that impact your future? Let’s have a real-life discussion about ways our company can assist with developing your future that has incredible long-term bottom-line results by looking above the line together.

Rob Gehring, President
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We have been doing Market analysis all month, for different dealers all over the United States. I was surprised to find that many dealerships have not taken advantage of their state law. If you are not receiving retail reimbursement for warranty parts from your Manufacturer, click below to see what it could mean for your bottom line.

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