Building Gross Profit

Building your gross profit has to be a priority for anyone in business today. Without enough gross profit, you are doomed to failure. Today let’s look at some proven ways for your dealership to build fixed operations gross profit.

The first consideration in building gross profit must be customer count. If you’re just waiting for the phone to ring with the next appointment to come into your service department, you’re not going to build your gross profit. Be aggressive in contacting your customers with open safety campaigns. Visit local fleets explaining the benefits of your dealership performing repairs and maintenance. Develop relationships with local businesses that work with their employees providing benefits such as pickup and drop-off of their vehicles while they are at work.

Create a customer experience that exceeds their expectations so much that they tell their family and friends about your exceptional service. Have processes in place that look for needed maintenance and repair items and use presentations that include feature benefits. This will build the average dollars per repair order and immediately make a substantial improvement to gross profit.

The mission must be that every time every car the customer, understands what the vehicle needs to be safe and reliable. Be sure that every declined item is listed on the repair order. The best practice is to have the customer sign off on every declined repair. Be sure you have excellent gross profit margins on everything you do.

Pay special attention to your customer pay work as that information is used on submissions to the manufacturer. Most states have laws that require manufacturers to pay retail on warranty repairs. I am blessed to have a team that helps in every one of these areas. So many memories to have witnessed dealerships successfully grow gross profit in their fixed operations. Even a small dealership implementing the suggestions successfully in this newsletter will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Our passion is to help as many dealerships as possible to improve their fixed operations. Let’s get started!

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You should consider getting retail on warranty. We just launched an all-inclusive program that gets your retail pricing up and then files for your dealership to take advantage of state laws that get retail pricing on warranty repairs. It’s amazing how our software gets the most for you. Most clients double their gross on warranty parts repairs. Labor can also get some real improvements using our program.

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