Building Value for Car Sales

Dealerships invest substantial amounts of money to get people into the dealership and consider a new car purchase. Investments in advertisements and promotions are necessary however, the greatest asset for building value in the sales department is the service department. 

The service department generates large daily car counts that generally draw no attention from sales. Any aggressive salesperson wouldn’t be drinking coffee or smoking a cigarette outside waiting for the next up. Instead, they would be in the service department developing conversations with customers that are having their car serviced.

Investments that make your service department experience above the competitors is money well spent. Snacks and beverages should be provided instead of having a vending machine. There should be assorted toys to be handed out to children coming in with mom with her permission of course. Videos of children’s movies should be available with headsets for the children to listen discreetly. Why not have video games available for children to play while waiting for their vehicles to be repaired? 

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked cookies going through the dealership showroom and service waiting areas. Imagine a potential car buyer asking what that aroma is and hearing you explain we provide fresh-baked cookies and snacks to our customers. If you want your dealership to stand out above the others and build value for the sales department place your attention on service. Create high standards for your service department that include consistent training, state-of-the-art equipment, and incredible processes. When your service experience is extraordinary you sell more cars.

Rob Gehring, President
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