Challenge Your Normal


Everyone that reads my newsletters or attends the conference call has a common thread. We want to improve. Today we are going to look at what I believe is a common thread for improvement. We must “challenge our normal”.

 Everyone has a routine they follow every day in their personal life, as well as corporate. Many people call this a rut we get into that causes discouragement and poor results over a long period of time. I have determined real progress and growth is found when you challenge your normal. I’m going to be so bold as to say, growth is found in disruption of normal. But, this doesn’t mean we don’t have processes and procedures to follow that remove disruption from our lives. What I mean by this is, we should look at normal as a way to have average performance and results.
If you want to see massive improvement and growth it’s never found in normal. A while back a friend of mine called normal a setting on a hairdryer. It isn’t a way to achieve success in our companies or personal life. In our company we are constantly looking for ways to improve. To help our clients achieve more and improve their quality of life. I have committed to never be a company that just talks about ways to achieve that result. We want to be a company that acts on ways to reach that level of performance consistently.
We will challenge our normal understanding. It will never be comfortable and will disrupt our routine. One thing that will never be compromised is our integrity and our desire to help others achieve improved performance. Never challenge your normal core values if they are built around integrity and concern for your customer. My hope is you develop into an individual that is always challenging your normal. That you always seek ways to improve and become your best at you are and what you do.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.

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