Coaching For Improvement

What if employees were given a satisfaction survey every time a member of management coached them for improvement? Fixed right, the first visit might take on a whole new meaning.

The way that management interacts with the staff is critical towards the dealership achieving strong, consistent customer satisfaction scores. Managers should expect team members treat customers with maximum care, right? Shouldn’t employees have the same expectation with the management team interactions? Strong leadership is focused on helping team members develop a career path.

Taking a sincere interest in personal growth with every team member and investing their time with direction and encouragement will provide the results everyone desires. I never met anyone who is walking around on eggshells wondering when the next attack from management will occur produce at high levels.

I challenge every member of management to consider how they are viewed by their team. Coach yourself for areas of opportunity when thinking back on recent interactions with team members you are coaching for improvement. Michael, were you inspirational or developing discourse?

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