Developing the Team

Growing up as a Cleveland sports fan has many challenges however, it also includes a valuable lesson for us all. Most of the time talented free agents want to end up on a competitive team with other talented players. This makes a poor team dependent on having excellent draft picks to bring talent to them. This obviously creates challenges for Cleveland sports teams.

I recall this year a talented quarterback saying he didn’t want to play for the Cleveland Browns before the draft and might stay in school to avoid the team. Isn’t that the ultimate insult when quality players don’t want to be a part of your team? Before you spend too much time railing insults on Cleveland sports let’s look at your team.

Do you have a log of talented technicians and service advisors waiting for an open spot on your dealership team? Draft picks will never be available for dealership teams so let’s look at some realistic ways you can develop championship status. 

The first consideration in developing your team should be showing sincere appreciation for their accomplishments by saying thank you often and having an interest in what is going on in their lives. 
Provide them with the best possible equipment and training on a consistent basis that removes frustration and obstacles from them being productive. Involve them in important decisions making their value never in question. Empower them to make decisions on behalf of the customer and never stand in their way of doing what is right to care for your clients.

​Do whatever possible to maximize their personal income and incentivize high performance with aggressive bonus plans. One of the most destructive behaviors I’ve seen from dealership clients is to change a bonus plan because employees are now making too much money. 

Real leadership has a strong desire for the prosperity of every team member. Get out of their way and provide all of this and always seek ways you can help make lives better. You will find your championship team producing incredible results that seemed impossible.

Rob Gehring, President
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Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting