No matter what your position is in life one of the things we all face every day are distractions. If you desire to improve your quality of life then you must learn to recognize and reduce the distractions you face on day to day bases. On a typical day you’re likely to be bombarded with people interrupting your current tasks to take care of their immediate needs. You might be waiting on a customer and the phone rings, or maybe a technician has a question or the office manager needs a special report before lunch. It will help you to recognize the distractions in your life first by counting them.
Take a period of four hours at random then perform an actual count of how many times someone distracts you by interrupting what you’re working on. To get anything done efficiently requires a level of concentration and focus on your current project. Can you imagine one of your children attempting to do homework, while simultaneously texting five friends and watching their favorite TV program? Would the homework illustrate their best effort? The answer is clear if we want to perform our best work we have to get control of the amount of distractions in our daily life.
The question you’re likely asking yourself is how I can implement the changes needed in my life to reduce all these distractions. It starts with clear honest communication with the individuals that constantly interrupt you. No need to be harsh or cruel but when they say “I hate to interrupt you but,” inform them they just did and you will be with them shortly. Eventually, the individuals around you understand when to approach you and that you won’t allow the time wasting distractions that reduce your effectiveness and the ability to get things done.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.

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