Do You Care?


One of the most important things about being successful is also one of the simplest. My belief is that developing a culture of care insures your success. Today let’s look at this together in greater detail.

About Your Family
Most of us understand the importance of our families. You can have the best numbers at work in the world and earn and insanely high income, however, if you don’t get this right you never be truly successful. Caring about your family or really anything in life can’t be faked. You can say the words that “I care” however, it illustrates itself so much more clearly than words. 

Take the time to spend with your children walking through the woods, shoot a basketball and play catch together. Open the door for your wife and let her know often, how much she truly means to you. If you’re doing a great job you’ll never be asked the question “do you really care?”

About Your Staff
One of the saddest things I see in dealerships across the United States, is that the staff generally doesn’t believe anyone in management cares about them. I hope that everyone understands the importance of developing a culture, that cares about their staff. 

Again, there should never be a question in their minds that the leadership understands and cares about individuals that make up the team. The more your staff buys into a culture of caring, the greater your growth and job satisfaction will be. 

About Your Customer
If your customer doesn’t feel appreciated they’ll have no particular reason to come back to your establishment and spend their money. Your customer needs to be cared for in such a manner that they look forward to visiting your team. They appreciate the assorted snacks and beverages that you have available for them at no additional fee. 

They know you take the time to understand the needs for their vehicle and pay particular attention to what they are saying. They develop a loyalty and trust when they experience a culture of caring at your dealership.

We hear a lot about numbers and gross profit margins along with key performance indicators as a critical part of doing business in today’s dealership. Having a culture of caring is not something you can measure by a chart or graph. It is however, critical to have the quality of life that we all desire. 

Many of the numbers a department generates can be faked to make it appear the dealership is producing good results. The culture of caring that I’m describing in today’s newsletter can’t be faked. You either have it or you don’t. My hope is that everyone is challenged to develop this culture of caring, into their own life.

Rob Gehring, President
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