Do You Care?

I was at a client working in the drive lane illustrating the importance of the dealership personnel caring about the customer. I randomly picked an example and started going over it. I noticed the interior carpet was dirty and needed vacuumed. A few sections of it could have really used a steam cleaner as well. I suggested that it wouldn’t be too time-consuming to inform the customer you’re going to upgrade their visit today and clean the carpet. I also noticed the rear wiper blade was starting to peel and wasn’t recommended to the customer. When the customer came to pick up the vehicle I showed them the wiper blade and he thanked me several times. He also stated that he owns a dog and knows how bad the carpet needs vacuumed. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful in his mind if the dealership employee upgraded his visit and offer to take care of something he already knew he needed as an upgrade? You can’t buy that kind of advertising! I informed the person I was working with this was not a set up in the vehicle selected was totally random. Actually, my point was that the way to build a service department consistently is to care about the customer and illustrate that with direct action by every employee every day. Customers want to deal with people that care. The dealership might have a few dollars in labor to pay some little attention to this gentleman’s carpet. The impression that would have been made however is far beyond the effort. I challenge all of you to develop a culture that illustrates how much you care about your customers. If you’re worried about having the time don’t be because if you choose not to care for your customer they won’t hang around long.

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