Do you know about the law that just passed in Kansas?

Congratulations! Kansas Senate Bill No.39 takes effect July 1, 2019, this legislation requires manufacturers to reimburse Retail on Warranty Parts and Labor.  We assist dealerships across the country receive retail on warranty. Margin Plus client’s average $200K in increased profit the first year! 

Click the above video to find out more about our margin plus program. The video is only one minute long and explains our Manufacturer Warranty Reimbursement Program.

With Margin Plus we have built a state-of-the-art program that allows us to pull information directly from your DMS that will maximize your submission and improve your daily operational performance. We keep apprised of changing circumstances with input from warranty experts constantly improving this program. Our clients will never be just a number and our team will develop a partnership that provides excellent communication and updates for your staff throughout the entire process.

Contact me to see what you can expect by taking advantage of Kansas Senate Bill No.39. 

Bart Barna, National Sales Director
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Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting

CDK global has approved our Fixed Performance Margin Plus software to interface with their dealership base under the Partner Program. This assures your dealership data is safe and secure when using our program that helps dealerships get retail pricing on warranty repairs from the manufacturer.