Expect to Lose

One of the things I have learned about life is there will be times of great loss. You won’t get the job or promotion. You might face an illness with a family member, coworker or even yourself. You might struggle financially and be challenged every week as you try to pay your bills and meet your commitments. You might even lose a big game like the Cleveland Cavaliers did Sunday night when everyone expected them to win. I challenge all of you to expect the loss and understand every one experiences that at some time in their life. It isn’t unique to you or anybody to feel in the pit of your stomach that overwhelmed sense of frustration. What separates the champions in life however is, how you respond to the loss. You must view it is temporary and just a small obstacle in the way to develop you into being your best. Babe Ruth hit a lot of home runs however struck out a lot as well. What happens with champions is they respond to a loss with additional effort. They refuse to give up or except a negative result in their life as anything but a temporary inconvenience. They look at what they need to do to overcome it and then attack. Always seek out excellent advice and develop a plan that involves the team around you. Be the champion!

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