Finding Your Target

Our world of automotive dealerships is fast pace with just getting through the day’s issues requires a lot of time. How we spend our time is vital to getting the results everyone desires. The best practice is always be thinking ahead resolving issues before they affect our business. Finding opportunities in your operations requires time that the best set aside. Ask yourself often, “what can I do to get better?”

Our company has made massive investments in our software to get dealerships more gross profit on warranty repairs. We are also invested in software to make our company more efficient. I thought on-site coaching was dead with Covid restricting travel. However, It is alive and well as dealerships want their fixed operations to carry more fixed absorption. Maybe your dealership is comfortable with sales above window sticker and grosses per car higher than ever. One thing for sure is the auto business changes quickly, and the wise have prepared for it. Now is the time to set your target on improving fixed operations with best practice processes and warranty rates. We stand ready to serve and develop your target of maximizing fixed coverage through service, parts, and body shop improvements.


Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Margin Plus
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