F.O.T. Focus on Three

Life is moving fast, and if it seems you are challenged to get anything done, this week’s newsletter is for you. I’ve seen people use to-do lists that are so long there is little to no hope of finishing them. They might have 20 projects that have been started without completing one.

Today let’s look at an efficient effective way you can change your life quickly and accomplish much more than you ever thought. I’ve titled this program “Focus on Three” because, if we limit our immediate focus on three results and accomplish them, you will reach a new level of productivity. Accomplishing one item might require your attention on several things to complete it.

An example might be if you wanted to improve your customer pay effective rate, you will need to pay attention to discounts, repair rates, and technician times, just to name a few. You would develop a process that would look at discounts daily by an advisor. You would decide on your repair rates, and adjust them as needed. You might even evaluate labor operations to see if any need adjusted that would help you accomplish your goal.

Include your advisor team and staff by making them aware of your goal, and including their input always improves your results. Whatever you place your focus on, improves. If you don’t have a laser-like focus on things you want to improve your chances of success are dramatically reduced. The interesting thing is once you accomplish one of your focuses, the amount of effort required declines to retain your results.

Changing one of your three focus items won’t mean you go back to zero on what you have just accomplished. If you don’t monitor your accomplishment, however, expect your result to decline back towards where you began. Select your F.O.T items and putting together an action plan for implementation. You will be impressed with yourself.


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