Free Upcoming Fixed Operations Webinars

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Click here to attend our webinar on March the 18th on the topic of “Diagnostic Fees”… Best Practices on how to present and how much to charge.

Join Fixed Op’s veteran Mark Lefkus, CGO with Fixed Performance, for a fresh look at Diagnostic Fees. Areas to be covered:

  • Should I even be charging my customers for Diagnostics?
  • Who is paying for your Diagnostics, you, or your customers?
  • Who is determining the fee and tech time, you, or your advisors and technicians?
  • Determining the appropriate fee and tech time
  • Multi-tiered Diagnostic fees… the better way!
  • How Diagnostic fees can boost your overall Effective Labor Rate
  • Opcode creation and usage
  • Presentation of Diagnostic fees to customers – Best Practices
  • Should I waive the Diagnostic fee when the work is approved?
  • When not to charge for Diagnostics
  • Q&A

    (Thursday, March 18th, 2021 at 2:00 pm est.)


Click here to attend our webinar on March the 29th on the topic of “Fixed Operations” … Best Practices in being well prepared for your busy season.

Join Fixed Op’s Veteran Mark Lefkus, CGO with Fixed Performance, and learn about: Best Practices in Preparing for your Busy Season!

  • STAFFING – Best practices regarding adjusting staffing levels, as well as planning for employee PTO
  • PROCEDURAL – Best practices regarding adjusting appointment capacity and scheduling as well as employee work schedules, to better meet the increased business demands
  • OPERATIONAL – We will walk you through a “pre-flight” checklist of Operational Best Practices as it relates to your busy season. Adjusting parts stocking levels and optimizing your Express Service operation are among the most important areas we will cover.
  • EQUIPMENT – Your equipment will be used and taxed at a much greater level during your busy season. We have a plan to help you get ahead of this and be well prepared.
  • MARKETING – We will share innovative approaches with regard to seasonal marketing that has proven to be very effective.
  • SAFETY AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – We will cover the most critical areas of compliance as it relates to OSHA regulations as well as related best practices.
  • Q&A

           (Monday, March 29th, 2021 at 2:00 pm est.)