Get Going

Get Going
We are in the last week of July and no matter what calendar you use the year is at least half over. The noble goals you made at the beginning of the year are either seeing a lot of progress, or no change at all. We need to stop defining our goals by the calendar and look internally for our motivation.
Most of us know what we want to accomplish, so what is holding us back? Maybe you’re afraid of making a change so you keep putting it off. You might be concerned that your goal might upset somebody around you, so you put it off. Making excuses, a reason for not changing or reaching for your goal is always a negative. Those around me know I’ve never been big on excuses. You’re either developing a solution or avoiding the problem.
When you avoid a problem, it won’t go away and will destroy your quality of life. Facing your issues with strong determination and commitment always brings results. Even if you’re goal isn’t accomplished, your always better off than not taking any action. Develop the self-discipline that won’t allow excuses. Reach deep inside and look at what you need to accomplish. Then without fear, get going on your issues. After all you are a winner!
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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