Getting Better

Dick Fosbury won an Olympic gold medal yet most don’t know his name or story. His Olympic record high jump was 7-4 to achieve a gold medal. The interesting thing to me is that Fosbury wasn’t remarkable as he developed in high school or initially in college. The standard techniques of high jumping were not going to make him a star Olympic athlete. 

He went out and developed his own technique that allowed him to produce incredible results. At first some people wondered if it was legal until they determined there was nothing in the rulebooks about being creative in developing your own high jump process. The genius of Dick Fosbury is that he was always looking for ways he could get better. 

He didn’t copy the techniques of others or follow his coach recommendations. He stepped out on his own to develop a technique that allowed him to be his best. It didn’t matter to him that no one ever performed the high jump his way. He just wanted to be the best.  It’s this characteristic I believe we all need to embrace. If we focus daily on how we can get better at the things we do our improvement is assured. 

If today is just another day where you do the same thing over and over getting better isn’t a likely result. I’m committed to get better by always being creative and looking for ways our company can improve car experience for clients. I challenge you to ask one simple question. Are you getting better? If you desire to be the best you are always developing your process. 

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