Getting It Done 

No matter what you do in life, it all comes down to getting it done. If your customer comes into the service Department and you write a repair order, it’s basically irrelevant until the vehicles completed and the orders processed. There are a lot of things involved with them such as assigning a technician, addressing the concern and implementing the correction so the vehicle functions properly. Then the advisor calculates the charges and prints the final repair order for the customer to pay. The final step is getting the repair order completed. Once the order is completed you must contact the customer to inform them on the cost and when they can pick it up, so they can pay for the repair order receiving their vehicle in safe reliable condition. If somebody misses anyone of these steps they are not getting it done. If you’re an individual that desires to maximize your results in life, realize the better you get things done will separate you from others. Work on the processes that are needed to get things done efficiently and correctly. Keep your mind open always looking for best practice processes. Learn from people in every opportunity. I’ve learned a lot about best practice processes in the service Department by looking at the way a doctor schedules appointments, or a Dentist contacts the appointments for the next day to remind them. I’ve learned a lot from the way a waitress will present a desert option to a customer. I’ve even noticed when a Wendy’s employee upsold me a baked potato with cheese and bacon on it instead of a French fry. I challenge you to always be the student and look for ways to get it done better. Accomplish that and you future will have no limits.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting