Getting Results

Everyone wants to get good results in their career and family life. We want to be healthy and prosperous, yet most of us fall short and never even set personal goals for ourselves. Beyond setting a goal you must take positive actions with the plan on how you hope to achieve your desired result.
This time of the year is perfect for developing your action plan for the upcoming year. Personally, I review the results of this year and determine what areas need improvement. In developing my goals it begins with daily processes that are needed to generate the improvement. If I want to reduce my weight, I must exercise and eat the right foods. If you are in management and want to improve a particular result, determine what process is needed to direct improved performance of it. Increasing your customer pay effective labor rate or technician hour sold per repair order requires certain processes to maximize performance. If you don’t change the way you’re doing it today don’t expect any success or change in your performance.
It is important to establish small attainable goals that can be monitored on a daily or weekly basis. Successfully achieving the small goal generates confidence and motivation towards reaching your larger objective. So much of what we should attempt accomplishing never filters through the negative thoughts in our own minds. These thoughts can promptly turn into excuses or logical reasons why your objective can’t be reached, so why even attempt it? You have my permission to tell your brain to shut up and set out for your new levels of accomplishment. I hope this month you will take some time to reflect on what areas of improvement you could benefit from. Start the New Year with renewed focus on achieving improvements with confidence and direct actions every day to get the result you desire.
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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