Are you being underpaid
for your warranty reimbursements?

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Advisors and Technicians

will be coach on the proper way to care for customers and achieve improvement in all critical areas of day to day operations.

The Fixed Operation Managers

will be provided with proven processes and individual coaching to build the team and their results.

Realistic goals

are set and committed to individually by Management and your service team. Upon exit we will review concerns in a non-threatening way with your service team.

Management is given a follow-up report

which tracks critical numbers and progress. Management will be provided operational suggestions for consideration and have our consultant team available as needed throughout the month between visits by phone.

What are you focusing on?

Are You Receiving Retail on Warranty Parts Reimbursement?

Margin Plus

Warranty Reimbursement at Consumer Rates

Warranty Reimbursement at Consumer Rates have been passed in 47 states or are in the process of passing laws that require manufacturers to pay retail pricing for warranty parts and labor repairs. Don’t sacrifice hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for your company.  Check today if you’re being reimbursement at the correct amount by using our free no-obligation calculator.  If your warranty repair reimbursements are below what they should be. Our experts can use their extensive fixed operations experience to help  your dealership navigate the complex process of getting you paid correctly.

Why do we make our tool free?

The Dealership world is a small community and we believe by helping you determine if you’re being paid too little, whether we help you or not, you’ll be better off.


Any data you enter will be used solely for determining if you’re being reimbursed properly. We use a highly secure SSL certificate to make sure your data is protected.


Our system is instant. Once you put your data in you will get an answer immediately, no trick lead form.


We have a combined 50 years of experience helping Dealers with Service related issues.


Our system is instant because we have the best tech hard at work to speed this process up

How long will it take?

Upon receipt of repair order data from your DMS we will provide a preliminary estimate of your expected warranty increase.

Normally The Same Week*

The first step is analyzing the opportunity for growth and providing you with a rough estimate over the phone, without any commitment.

Going forward we will extract a year’s worth of service data from your DMS, then our state-of-the-art technology and our Fixed Ops Analyst will digitally review to exclude non-applicable services. (These excluded services may change depending on the state and manufacturer)

After Margin Plus has found the best 100 sequential ROs for parts and or labor, our analyst will then manually review the entire RO set to ensure accuracy and compliance for your submission.

Once all the data has been thoroughly reviewed and your management team gives the ok we will submit on your behalf to the Manufacturer.

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