How is your welding?

oes your collision repair center perform proper welding on the repairs that your shop completes? Are you 100% certain? Is every technician that welds in your facility properly credentialed with a minimum of completion of I-CAR welder training? Is your shop pulling weld on procedures for every weld on the panel for every repair every time? And are you conducting welder setup and both visual and destructive testing of sample welds for every single repair?

The focus will be brought onto proper welding and proper repair procedures with the ongoing attention to legal cases and the “Anatomy of a 43 Million Dollar Law Suit” seminar that is touring the country right now by the Todd Tracy Law Firm throughout 2018. 

Welding equipment is also complex. Some equipment is not adequate for the specifications called for by all OEM procedures. In addition, this equipment has a tremendous expense to the shop with some welders having costs upwards of $25,000. Fixed Performance can conduct an analysis of your shop’s welding credentials and come onsite and audit your welding standards operating procedures to determine if your current process has gaps that need to be addressed.  In addition to some states, our team is aware of workforce development grant programs that could cover up to 100% of your shop’s training and testing costs for skilled labor training. We can assist you with obtaining that funding. Call us to find out more!

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