During times like these, it’s challenging to watch the news. The world is closing down and getting sick. Family members are being hospitalized and no one is allowed to visit. Compare that to people like my Niece Jamie Bickel who went to New York as a Respiratory Therapist to help in the fight with Coronavirus for the next two months. My neighbor is making cloth masks and passing them out at no cost to make a difference. People are facing so many challenges and if they don’t get sick, they may be broke. We are seeing the best and the worst, in people and many view the situation as hopeless.
​No one knows how this will end however, for me I am humbled. You find out how little we control in life and how quickly it can turn. All of us are making choices that are not pleasant just to hopefully get back to normal. For me I am changed forever as life has molded me a few other times before. Always be humble and kind. 


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