Is it Dead?

Is it Dead?
The average battery life for an automobile will last 4 to 5 years in most areas of the United States. I have seen dealerships where they have a process in place that test batteries on every service visit. Most commonly I see a battery tester in the box with a lot of dust on it because no one wants the take the time to check batteries.
How Much for a Battery?

Generally dealerships don’t recommend battery replacements until the customer is towed in, a technician diagnosed the concern, determined it was a battery and then replaced it. In every one of these examples where the customer spends $450 or more to replace their battery they are extremely upset.
The Response
My response to these customers was always an explanation that it wasn’t $450 for the battery. We had a tow bill of $150 then had to pay the technician to diagnose it and determine it was a battery and then the cost of the battery. The sad truth is we failed this customer because we didn’t recommend a maintenance replacement for around $150 before it failed. More importantly this will improve the customer care level in your shop greatly and sell more batteries!

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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