Is it Worth It?

Is it Worth It?
There will be many times in life that you have to make tough decisions. In the dealership and in your personal life, making these decisions can be simplified. Notice, I didn’t say making these decisions would be easy. Let’s look at a few examples starting with our personal life.
At Home
The cost of a pack of cigarettes today cost between $5 and $14. For our topic today let’s use the cost of seven which is on the low range of that scale. So with 365 days a year at seven dollars a pack the cost would be $2555 annually, for the privilege of smoking one pack daily using after-tax money. So if you’re taxed at the rate of 30% you would need to earn $3321.50, for the privilege of smoking. If you enjoy a couple of drinks at the end of the day depending on the source of that alcohol, you could easily match the cost of smoking bringing the total to $6643. And lastly, if you choose to eat out for lunch every day you might find this cost to be around $10 if you are conservative. If you work five times a week, the annualized cost of this privilege will be $3,380 taxable income needed to be earned including taxes. In these three examples the combined cost required is right at $10,000.
In the Dealership
We could use similar examples in the car dealerships such as floor mat rentals or calculating how many alignments a dealership needs to do to pay for a new machine. The interesting unspoken calculation is the excuses that our brain generates as to why we can’t conform to these best practices, which we should have in our lives.
You might have said a few of these to yourself, while you are reading this article. “I have tried to quite but, I have been smoking for way to long”. “I only have a short time for lunch, so fast food is what I have to do”. “A few drinks at the end of the day help me to unwind, and many doctors say that it helps my heart”.
Believe me, I use my share these excuses also. I can’t exercise like I should and eat well, because I travel so much. The truth is we can pretty much accomplish anything we set out to do, as long as we’re determined. If you choose to face these problems, your self-esteem and cash flow will climb dramatically. Choose poorly and you risk all kinds of disease that may involve the highest price possible. Your health and wellness are at risk…Is it worth it?
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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