It’s an Idea

All progress starts with an idea. Industry titans such as Henry Ford or Thomas Edison both started with an idea. The idea centers on an individual observing a need and thinking through a solution that would solve it. Although there is never guarantee in every idea being successful. It is essential to understand without processing an idea there will never be progress. I have had ideas that I thought would be incredible at the beginning, however when analyzing them they turn out to be nothing. The biggest loss I believe we can have individually is to have an idea and not take action on it. The idea might be to achieve an improvement in your existing business or developing a new business altogether. Other ideas I’ve had would be a great fit however, I determined it wouldn’t be the business for me. We should always go through life being observant and open to new ideas. The first question you should ask yourself about an idea is what is the value? If you feel there’s a solution to a need that you see in your day-to-day life discipline yourself to give it thought. Imagine Thomas Edison determining society needs an electric lightbulb. He takes that idea and holds over 10,000 experiments that end in failure and yet remains determined to find the solution. I would say without hesitation there were many times he thought about giving up. He had to face issues with cash flow along the discovery process because he had nothing to sell yet. Facing all of these obstacles he continued on with determination for his invention to be successful. It is interesting to note he had no idea if his invention would be successful and accepted it was merely a thought that it would be. If you are seeking improvement in your dealership or life stay disciplined with the truth all improvement begins with an idea. Our company Fixed Performance has the privilege of seeing ideas dealers are using that add to their success across the country. Our mission is to share them with our clients and rejoice with them as they prosper. Keep an open mind and pay attention every day looking for your next idea. It may be a light bulb.

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