Keeping Talented Technicians


Recently I’ve been getting phone calls from dealer principals that are in need of technicians. Anyone that follows me understands that this is been a passion of mine and I’m bringing some real issues to the forefront. An interesting point on these phone calls is these dealer principals just want to get technicians. They really don’t want to discuss much about improve their operation and to retain the technicians that they have already found.

Their desire is to answer their immediate need, the only discussion revolving around finding these technicians. Finding good technicians start with developing an environment where they can make a good living in your shop. I recently wrote an article in Fixed Ops magazine that goes into greater detail on the technician crisis and how we must deal with it. Today let’s look at a few things together.

Organize your special tools

If the technician needs to spend hours looking for the tool they need to perform a repair this is wasted time and discourages technicians from working in your shop.

Delivering Estimates

Many shops still use their technicians to develop price and availability on estimates that the advisors should be performing. Technicians need to spend as much time as possible developing revenue and not be involved to any extent in performing advisor tasks or developing an estimate.

Support Staffing

Having technicians look for a car under 2 foot of snow in the winter is a process that can no longer be tolerated. There should be support staff at the dealership to assist the technician and pulling vehicles in and out in preparing them for service. I would rather see a dealer pay $10 an hour for an individual to find and prepare vehicles for repairs then lose that $300 an hour in parts, labor and billings that it costs to have the technician do this simple task.

It Starts With You

The dealerships that are willing to understand what needs to be done to attract and retain technician talent will have an appropriate staff. Those dealerships are unwilling to change and expect technicians to just show up at their dealership wanting to work are in for a shock. It all starts with you. I hope you choose your actions wisely and support your technicians.

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