​Greetings,The word Lagniappe represents a tradition, credited to the southern Louisiana area, in which a small gift is given to the customer at the time of purchase. Sort of like the thirteenth doughnut in a “Baker’s dozen” it is a little something extra. It adds value and says thank you at the same time.

Moving from the doughnut store and into the modern day service drive, is there any lagniappe in the items your customers purchase from you? Do you add value and do you thank each and every single customer? Do you treat them like an honored guest in your home? Do you give them a little something extra? When your customers leave your store are they smiling and glad they came to you to care for their automotive needs? Or are they shaking their head, wondering which place they should try next time? One of the best ways to give a little something extra is also one of the least expensive solutions. 

Simply showing that you care, making your guest feel important, actually treating them like an honored guest, not just another number. Caring is the least expensive, but maybe one of the most difficult to deliver and portray to our clientele. Why? In most cases we have allowed our circumstances to determine the outcome of our day. We are all too focused on the stuff instead of the people. Make the change, set the goal to do more, share more, enjoy the interactions with your guests more.Let’s start now!1. Commit. Do the little extra things for your guests and your staff.Make them feel important.2. Share. Lead by example, share the vision with everyone involved.

3. Work Hard. Good things are rarely found on the easy path.

4. Focus. Don’t allow distractions to get in your way, remove the obstacles in the way, both mental and physical.

5. Learn. Each challenge is a new opportunity to learn and improve.

Remember the little something extra can make all the difference, today and tomorrow.

Doug Thompson, Vice President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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