Leave Little for Chance

Leave Little for Chance
I’ve noticed there is a direct relationship with success and how little you leave for chance. The most successful people and companies have their processes refined to the point that customers are treated a certain way and that expectation is always met. The same commitment to processes in successful companies also exists throughout the methods they use to get things done. They leave little for chance. This is true not only for car dealerships, but any professional.

The two paths
Big news this weekend was that the Golden State Warriors now have another top-five player in the NBA added to their roster. They wanted Kevin Durant, so they left very little for chance for the favorite to become the next NBA champions. I am confident that every team in the NBA noticed this dramatic move and will consider adjusting their rosters that would leave little for chance they will compete. Other teams might see the Warriors new roster as removing any chance for them to succeed so they will dump valued players in advance of the poor season they expect. There is very little chance that anyone could read this and not understand which attitude will be the most successful for their team.

As with anything in life there is a delicate balance involved. I am not suggesting that managers must micromanage the staff to achieve good performance. Quite the opposite is true however, understanding leaving little for chance is a requirement of being successful.

Developing a culture
We must develop a culture that looks at our daily operation with the common theme what process or procedure could implement that will make us better? When a car dealership hires us for their consulting firm that is what we spend our time on. We explain in detail what best practice processes are, and how to implement them. We have the privilege of visiting hundreds of dealerships throughout the United States and noticing what they do very well that works. We constantly evaluate and develop best practice processes for clients. Little is left for chance.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.

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