Listen More


This paper will help improve your quality of life. It might be you’re in the position of a father, mother, manager, service advisor, technician or anything else listening is essential. It should be considered a talent or skill that we all need to improve. I’ve heard it said that if you want to be considered a good conversationalist, just listen. Whenever you listen closely to what people are trying to say to you there some guidelines you should follow.

Cell Phone

All good listeners understand that eye contact is critical if you want to really hear somebody. If you’re involved in a conversation with somebody how are you going to hear them unless you remove disruptions? Have you ever been in conversation where the other person answers their cell phone in the middle of it? How did that make you feel? Most would consider it rude to wait repeatedly for the other person to have time to finish cell phone conversations while attempting to make a point. At the very least, you would feel the other person considers your conversation not important.

Most cell phones today also have text messaging that makes a noise to inform an individual that a new message has arrived. Many people will stop the conversation so they can answer the text message. Another way to make sure that the individual involved in the conversation isn’t important. If you want to be a better listener turn your cell phone off when you’re involved in a conversation. This will improve your relationships with family, friends, and employees that you are involved with on a daily basis. The best part of someone seeing you turn your cell phone off before conversation begins is that it makes them feel important. They believe you want to listen to their point of view.

Take the Time

It’s very important that you consider the timing of the conversation. If you’re rushed to achieve a project, then it’s not the time to begin a conversation that would distract you from completion. It’s better to delay a conversation before it begins, try setting a time that’s convenient for both parties to chat. If you do set a time for conversation, meet the commitment to the time that you have set. If you don’t it will make the other person involved feel put off.

Develop Your Listening Skills

Now that you’re aware these listening skills, take my challenge and develop them with a solid effort for improvement.

Rob Gehring, President
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