Making a Difference


Making a Difference

Recently I was in a conversation with an individual that was telling me how good I have it, in life. The interesting part about his determination of how well-off I was, is that he started listing my assets. The house on a lake and good seats for Cleveland Cavaliers games as well as great vehicles, “you have it made Rob!”

Although all of those things are true and I enjoy everything this person talked about it’s not the greatest joy in my life. Everybody has things in their life they consider important and none of these are cast as the most important in my life. The things of greatest value should have nothing to do with finance. The greatest joy in my life is that I love what I do and I have the privilege to make a difference.

Develop a Balance

I have often heard it said life is short, and believe me my friends it definitely is. Our time here is so precious, we need to have a balance. If all you do is spend 70 to 80 hours a week with your career building financial success, you may have a lot of money, however, you will never have a great joy in your life.

I challenge everyone to develop a balance that has an allowance for other things you enjoyed to do and spending time with your families. When push comes to shove no matter what your issues with your career, family must always come first.

Love what you do

Generally 30% of your life is spent working in your career. If we truly embrace that life is short, why would we spend 30% of it doing something we don’t enjoy doing? I recall a conversation recently with an individual that said he always wanted to be a musician. He was miserable in the sales department, however he made so much money there that he could never see a way he could do what he loved to do and make a living at it. He could be correct in that. He would never earn as much money and he likely is right if he was only making a decision based on financial results.

My own thought is, that if you have an incredible passion for what you do money will follow your passion. Even if I never accomplished success, it is an established fact that my passion is exactly what I do. It is a great privilege to do what you love to do and that will always direct my future!

Make a Difference

The greatest asset that I have is the ability to make a difference in the lives of others.  Encourage and inspire those around you to perform at a higher level. Live your life without any limits, doing what you were meant to do, and you will understand and feel an incredible inner joy. These things make a difference. Will you make a difference for you, and those around you?

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