Making a Difference


Making a Difference
This is the time of year that companies illustrate their compassion for the less fortunate, team members, and their customers. There are so many ways for individuals to make a difference while we’re at work regardless of the season.

Be involved
Being involved with organizations, such as managers for youth teams in the area makes an impact far greater than most people realize. All of us have memories of individuals who made a difference in our lives by taking time out of theirs to show us how to throw a ball or run a play. It might have been a teacher that had significance by going the extra mile to encourage you to perform better and study harder. It might have been a boss at a young age that taught us to think without limits, and gave us a chance to succeed.
For today’s society, it’s easy to walk past individuals that have a need and ignore them. It may be an elderly person that could use assistance getting through a door, or a customer getting out of their car. Helping coworkers perform a duty that’s not in your primary responsibility is another way to be involved in becoming more significant. This is a choice all of us can make to be involved with these individual needs and make a difference in our own self-esteem, while helping others.

If you are fortunate, you have a select few people around you that without any question you know they care. No matter what you’re going through, these very few can be counted on to make a difference in your life. They add stability and provide a feeling that you’re never alone in the challenges that you’re facing. I challenge all of you to make a choice to be this individual that is known to care and make a difference to others. It’s a wonderful gift to yourself when you help others.
The Results

When you’re involved and truly care for everyone around you, interesting things will happen at your dealership and in your life. You’ll see dramatic improvement in customer retention, satisfaction, and profitability. Your job satisfaction and performance will climb dramatically, as well as self-esteem. Be sure there is no downside, when going through life in the manner I am challenging you to consider. Are you making a difference today?
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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