Mikey Likes It

Many years ago, a cereal company ran a commercial that had three young boys at a kitchen table wanting to try cereal. Two of the boys did not want to try the new cereal and they gave it to Mikey saying he will try it however, he hates everything.

Within a few seconds Mikey was eating the cereal and obviously liking it. I believe this commercial remains relevant today as most people hesitate to try anything new even if it’s healthy or good for them. Experimenting with new processes or services to see if you like it should be a part of your everyday behavior just like breakfast.

We must constantly adapt and change to consistently grow our business. If you never try anything new you will become ingrained with your results and find little progress. Some things will be like anchovies to me and never become a part of our life. If I never tried it, how would I know anchovies are terrible?

Becoming your best will be uncomfortable at times and require a solid effort. It will also require a laser focus that does not allow distractions or excuses to deter the effort. It is time to be creative and open to new things. You just might be like Mikey and enjoy it.


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