Minding Your Business

Minding Your Business
One of the characteristics I’ve seen in some people is that they enjoy seeing other people struggle. It might be a person that they know is going through a divorce or financial concern and they feel the need to talk about it to others. At times this even affects a whole industry, such as witnessed in 2008 and 2009 as the automotive industry struggled to survive. Manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler had so many rumors floating around it was scary. Car dealerships were waiting on letters from Federal Express to see if their manufacturer has discarded them as a dealer. I know some of the dealers that received good news and others that received the bad news from the manufacturers. So many people felt the need to spread the news that this dealership didn’t survive. Let’s look at this characteristic together in a little more detail.
Low Self Esteem
Many individuals that love seeing other people struggle do so because it tends to lift them up emotionally. Maybe they’re not so bad when comparing themselves to individuals that are failing around them. It’s also true that these individuals feel more important because they have the inside scoop and want to be the first to report it to everyone. Ultimately, this is counterproductive and the time would be better spent working on ways they could improve themselves rather than feasting on the challenges of others.
Character Counts
Less common are the high character individuals that have a totally different response when witnessing the challenges of others. Instead of spreading the bad news to others, these individuals reach out to them with compassion and kindness. They encourage people going through a struggle or challenge with uplifting thoughts of encouragement. If you’re fortunate enough to have these kind of people around you, rest assured they are more valuable than gold. An interesting fact is that these people always have a higher self-esteem.
Who Are You?

Are you the individual who enjoys spreading the bad news of others, or are you the high character person that lifts others up? This is a defining characteristic, who you are as an individual, and the value others see in you. It’s obvious that others will see little value in people rejoicing and sharing the negative business around you. Your encouragement however, might be the ray of hope that’s needed to get someone through the day. I hope you choose to improve your self-esteem and value to others by developing your character to be the encourager.
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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