New car sales remain a struggle

New car sales will remain a struggle for at least the next year or so. This will place a huge importance on fixed operations for dealership overall profits. We know how to get more gross profit for you on customer pay and warranty repairs. I am offering you Coronavirus pricing on our Margin Plus program. This is where we get you, retail prices on warranty repairs. That is $1995 down for parts and $1995 for labor. When approved the same will be due at $1995 for parts and $1995 for labor. We will coach your team remotely on how to set up customer pay pricing to get more on warranty repairs. Now is the time to address your margins and increase fixed operations gross profit on customer pay and warranty. Our remote phone coaching will be at no cost as a favor to help during this challenging time. We will even take credit card payments to make the decision easier. We launched this pricing program last week and it is limited to 25.

Dealerships are signing up however we still have room for you on this aggressive program.
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