New OEM Certification Requirements

The results are in from the Tracy Law Firm controlled Honda Fit crash testing. If your dealership has a body shop you can’t ignore this newsletter and its contents…

Google John Eagle Honda Fit case if you don’t already know about the legal verdict and read carefully. Then come back and revisit the information shown in the frame 73 photos in the attached link to the Repair Driven News press release article. This is a controlled crash test situation where two repaired vehicles (one with simulated improper repairs, and one with non-OEM collision parts) are compared to a controlled undamaged vehicle. Airbag timing is absolutely affected by repairs and by parts selection. The Jury in the John Eagle case stated that it considered the words recommended and required as the same thing when it comes to following OEM recommendations. In 2018 Fixed Performance can come onsite to your dealership and do a quick and impactful 1-day assessment of your operation to see if your body shop has any opportunities for improvement. This is such a challenging time for collision repairers but don’t fear these upcoming changes, we have the training and experience to get you through it!

In 2018 new OEM certification programs from many OEM’s are coming and some including Honda and Nissan, are requiring captive body shops to meet that standard. We can assist your operation to meet this standard and we can help your supporting parts and service departments with collision repair related business. Happy New Year and in 2018 let’s continue to make the collision repair industry great together.

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