Overcoming the Virus

Visiting car dealership recently it’s evident the virus has taken a toll. Car inventories are down and sourcing parts is challenging to say the least. It’s hard to even comprehend the extreme financial cost of the virus throughout the world. The trillions of dollars lost in the United States in just a few months affected everybody not just those who contracted the virus. The real cost is amplified by the emotional burdens inflicted on our population. Millions of Americans lost hope as well as their jobs as stay-at-home orders were abundant in most states. 

Recent news about improved treatments and results in developing a vaccine provide hope. The brightest minds in the world are in a race fighting ways to overcome the virus. Eventually the medical battle against the virus will be won. The financial struggles from the virus will take longer yet will carry an emotional cost likely change who we are. The greatest cost will be those of us who lose hope. Overcoming the virus begins with our thoughts. 

Begin looking for ways to adjust and adapt to your current situation not applying blame anywhere. Many times, success in my life has been only surviving current conditions. That’s where we are today my friends. Do whatever possible to remain healthy improving your diet and exercise wearing masks where appropriate. Don’t allow fear to gain control of your life. Face every challenge you have head on one step at a time with the confidence you will do your best. 

This virus is far from over however, together we will beat it. Be creative and determined in sourcing parts. Loyalty to your customer getting their car back on the road is more important than buying everything from the manufacturer right now. New car inventories are challenging so the focus changes to used cars. It’s always something and the winners adjust and evolve.


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