The Projection below is based on the information that you provided. The actual increase you can achieve may be higher or lower than the estimates. If your information is accurate, this projection should be very close. Other factors in your actual results include the amount of warranty work your shop performs. If there is an increase in warranty volume, your gross profit dollars will increase accordingly.

Prior Year YTD Annualized Margin Plus Projection
Warranty Parts Sales $ $nan $nan to $nan
Warranty Parts Gross Profit $ $nan $nan to $nan
Warranty Gross Margin $NAN% $NAN% NAN% to NAN%

Projected New Calculation base COST +

$-100% to $ -100 %

Potential Warranty Margin Plus Increase range is between

$nan & $nan
Your Total Investment To Obtain Margin Plus $nan
Investment Gain $nan
Return on Investment NAN%
Months to Retire Investment NAN

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