Online Fixed Operations Consulting

REV up your Fixed Operations and leave your competition in the dust with…

High-Performance Remote Consulting and Coaching!

REV Includes:

  • Manager training
  • Advisor and technician training
  • Complete Financial Analysis
  • Access to REV Performance Dashboard
  • Quickly Identify Revenue Opportunities
  • Laser focus on Areas of Greatest Opportunity
  • Sharing of Best Practices to leverage opportunities
  • 2 Zoom training sessions per month
  • Highly Customizable to meet your needs
  • Low monthly investment of $499* with no contracts
  • *Plus the cost of your monthly data feed


When is REV virtual consulting the right choice vs. your onsite consulting?

Onsite consulting is needed and more effective in cases where there are many operational or process-related issues that need to be addressed, as it allows for a “hands-on” approach to making improvements. REV is a great follow up to onsite or can be used as a highly effective stand-alone solution to facilitate growth and improve financial performance once basic processes are running well.

What are some advantages to REV vs. your onsite consulting?

Online consulting is very convenient and cost-effective, as it is extremely affordable and flexible with regard to any scheduling constraints. The REV online ZOOM-type meetings usually last about 45 minutes and can be scheduled when it is most convenient for you and your staff. They can also be held with multiple parties or stores within your group from all different locations simultaneously, thus allowing for group-type training.

What is the main goal of REV?

To assist you in quickly pinpointing the greatest areas of revenue increase and to develop a customized plan for your specific store that will help you to leverage these opportunities, and to then make sure you stay on course and are achieving pre-determined goals.

Is REV just for managers?

Not at all, but we typically start working with management first. From there, we can then move to your service advisor staff for training in the areas of sales and improving customer service.

How will we know if we are improving?

The REV consulting program includes our REV software application and dashboard which you will have access to. This will be used during our meetings, and by you in between meetings to monitor performance at a department level as well as by individual advisor and technician.

Is there a long-term contract or commitment required?

Not at all. REV is a month-to-month program that you can cancel at any time.

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