Scared or Determined

These are interesting times that have me thinking about 2008 when it seems our world would collapse. Negative thoughts amplified the facts causing most of us to question our future. My own personal situation at that time included a health issue that took away the use of my right hand from surgery and complications from it for about a year. After some deep soul-searching that had me wondering if Walmart was still hiring people greeters I came to some conclusions. The first one is that I love what I do, and my entire life has been dedicated to parts, service, and body shops and how to improve results in them. I thoroughly know and understand that side of the automotive business. I admit to being scared at that time and concerned if I could even make a living serving car dealerships.

In any adversity we face it comes down to a decision that must be made. How are we going to respond to it? Are we going to be scared or determined? Now is the time to reach deep inside your core and choose to be determined. It appears as though the coronavirus will touch us all regardless if we become infected with the actual illness or not. How we choose to respond in this time of crisis is the purpose of today’s newsletter. Myself I refuse to crawl into a corner and be scared about what the future might hold. My belief remains in the way Americans respond to a tragedy. We pulled together at 9-11 with the determination that still makes me proud to be American.

Together we can overcome the coronavirus adversity that in the long run will make us stronger as a society. Let’s not make this a time where we can see who has the most toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Let’s make this a time where we pull together and see where we can make a difference. Be determined my friends and help whoever you can.


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