The Bully


Most of us have experienced a bully mistreating another person in an attempt to control or manipulate the individual. Today let’s look at some common bully techniques that may endanger your dealership.

The Advisor

I have heard countless examples from technicians and parts personnel that a particular advisor has it in for them. The technician might believe the advisor dislikes them so much they only get assigned work that they have no way to make a living on. The parts coworker might want to discuss the amount of items that were special ordered and are now piling up on the shelf. Some advisors believe being the bully improves their status in every situation and may even illustrate anger at management on a consistent basis because after all if their numbers are great  no one can replace them.
The Technician

I have seen many examples of technicians being the bully towards advisors beating them up for more hours on a particular job. They believe that intimidation of the advisor would also protect them from losing hours on any job because of their poor behavior. The advisor would say “That’s Bill and I have to pay more hours to him or he will go off the deep end and I don’t need that today.”
This makes the path of least resistance for the advisors to please the technician and pay them more with total disregard for the customer.Most shops understand that the flat rate system requires that they use a manual such as motors to provide them the accurate time needed to do a job. Everyone understands occasionally this manual needs added time because of rusted bolts or other complications.
The Manager

The worst bully in the bunch is that of a manager. Many managers believe their job description requires them to be a bully. The reality is this will create a high turnover and lack of stability in the dealership. The team members will be walking around on egg shells wondering what mood their manager is in today.
The truth is there is no room for bullies in your dealership at any level or position. It makes the quality of life poor for the entire team and reduces performance on a consistent basis. Just as I would hope our school system would not allow bullies today’s dealerships should take the same position. There is no room for the dealership bully.  

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