Speaking the Same Language

​​This morning at breakfast I noticed a group of three individuals at the table next to me were speaking French. I naturally wondered what brought them to the United States and the town I was staying in however, that didn’t matter. It did intrigue me however, after a little thought I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. This is the battle that is often faced in our daily lives. 
The fact is we often don’t speak the same language to our coworkers and they don’t understand us. Communication is critical to a well-balanced productive life. In every area of our life communication is essential with our significant other, our children, and coworkers. Before attempting to communicate with others it is very wise to think about what you’re going to say. So many times people will spout off quickly without thinking how it will be interpreted. Will they find it insulting or degrading and kick in an internal defense mechanism? I know in my past there have been words people have said that still come to mind as hateful or insensitive. 
Communication is a skill that we should develop on an ongoing basis. We should always think about what we’re going to say and how it will affect the people we are communicating with. We should evaluate how well we illustrate our expectations and always work for improvement. We should always allow time for listening and other opinions with an open mind. People who communicate well and consider it an art that they need to develop will enjoy better relationships and quality of life. If you want high-performance in any result you will have to master the way you communicate. Speak the same language and work on the way you communicate with others. It will be time well spent.

Rob Gehring, President
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