The Art of Negotiating

The estimator is the gate keeper to a solid and profitable body shop that has a high CSI rating.

1 on 1 Estimator Training on the Art of Negotiating will coach your estimators on how to win at every segment of the job. From Negotiating the close of the sale, through Negotiating with the insurance company on the cost of repairs, and the internal Negotiating with Technicians to work efficiently and completely, we can train your existing staff to be better and to grow their abilities. 

The goal today is to complete high quality repairs that follow OEM processes and procedures. That requires constant learning and growth. That growth means finding more damage, learning where to find new OEM procedures, and ultimately increasing the average repair order several hundred dollars. The best estimators are writing average body shop RO severity at $5000+ by using the tools and information that are available in 2017 to do high quality and complete repairs. 

For an example Following Toyota CRIB 177 which is required for every Toyota that has an Occupant Classification System in the passenger’s seat, will boost an RO $75-$150. This procedure has been required on every Toyota, Lexus, and Scion repaired in every body shop in American since 2010. It’s required no matter how minor the damage. Training your estimator how to find this information, how to estimate or write it, and how to sell it to the insurance company, and how to communicate this value to the customer, is what 1 on 1 Estimator Training is all about. Return on Investment of this kind of training is uncapped.

Contact Fixed Performance to schedule 1 o 1 training for your estimating staff on the Art of Negotiating today. The next few repairs your staff estimates will cover the entire cost of this training.  

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