The Challenge

The Challenge
No matter who you are or what you do, one thing we all have in common is challenges in life. It might be your finances, your health, your family, or it may even be the workplace. Challenges never come into your life at a convenient time, and they can’t be scheduled. Your approach and response to the challenges however are under your control. Many people over react when they find out they have a major challenge coming into their life. They respond with anger, resentment, and bitterness, saying things at times they wish they could take back but can’t. Let’s look at some ways to prepare for your challenges together.
Expect Them
I will never recommend anybody live in fear of what could happen in life. It is realistic however to expect that from time to time some kind of event will come into your life that is unpleasant. My personal tendency is to be blindsided by an event, and I desire to go somewhere private and think through what is happening and the different responses I could take. After I think it all through, I find it wise to have a few trusted friends who you would seek advice from prior to your response choice. An area of opportunity for growth is for all of us to understand the balance between not living in fear, yet expecting challenges.
Never Think Short Term
Many of the challenges that come into our life have people thinking short-term in their responses. When considering your solutions always think long term benefits instead of the immediate needs. Normally, taking action this way will have the most discomfort however, the best result. A person fighting cancer might have chemotherapy and radiation and their treatment is causing immediate discomfort and pain. However, hopefully it will extend their life well into the future. If that patient was thinking short-term only, they would refuse the pain and discomfort of the treatment and lose their life. Take the treatment.

Determine what is Right
I find it interesting that doing what is right is seldom the easiest or the least painful option; however, the right thing will develop your character well into the future. Most of us have likely heard that saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Be determined, to do what is right at any cost.
Once you’ve evaluated your concerns and challenges, there will come a time to attack. To be so determined in overcoming your challenge that others will see your effort and be inspired regardless of the outcome. Be willing to take the short-term pain and set aside immediate comfort. Challenges are like dogs, if you turn and run from them they will chase you down like the mailman and want to bite you. If you turn towards the dog  and humbly put out your hand out without fear, that same dog will likely start licking you. Turn towards your challenges and face them head on without fear or discouragement. Always learn from your mistakes and understand challenges in life that you face, they tend to run in streaks. Expect it.
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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