The Challenge

One thing you can be certain of about life is that it will bring challenges. They come in various categories such as financial, career, family or health issues. Since we know all of us are going to face challenges in our life let’s look a little deeper as to how we can best address them.
A longtime friend of mine is facing the largest challenges anyone can face. The love of his life was having pains in her abdomen and after hurting for months, without the discomfort going away went to see her family doctor. The initial examination illustrated a major concern and after additional testing it was determined she had pancreatic cancer. I did a little research on this type of cancer and learned how devastating this disease is. When over 90% die within five years and over 70% in just a matter of months, the challenge becomes evident quickly. Her tumor was pronounced inoperable and the doctor’s staff at the Cleveland clinic couldn’t offer any treatment options. The only hope with this type of cancer is to diagnose it in early stages and develop aggressive treatment of the disease. Whatever challenges we are facing in our lives, rest assured it likely doesn’t match this one.
I want to challenge everybody to take a look at your life and the issues you are facing today. Develop a commitment to address them quickly with an action plan that will attack it. Delaying will never improve the outcome of anything. Understand many of our challenges we bring upon ourselves, with poor decisions made daily. Smoking cigarettes, drinking in excess, over eating are just a few bad habits we accept that will destroy us over time. How you face the challenges in your life will determine the severity and outcome. Although, we will never be able to see the future, we can limit the liabilities of it by taking direct action today. Taking action will improve your quality of life and self-image. What’s the downside?
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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