The Inspired Life

I’ve heard most successful people are described as goal orientated or driven. They have a passion for their achievement daily and are inspired towards their purpose. Today I want to use an example of an individual I’ve known for many years, Shawn Dill. Shawn fits the bill I just described plus a lot more. Whenever success is illustrated in an individual’s life I believe you should look for tools you can use to improve your quality of life. I’ve met many successful individuals and have had incredible conversations with them that have taught me the great truth in life. This is the time of year people are beginning to develop New Year’s resolutions for their lives. It might be to lose weight or quit smoking but all of them include some area of improvement they desire for their life. Shawn Dill has a statement he made that challenges my thought process every time I consider it. “You must have a conviction stronger than your desire to please.” No matter what the issue is that you desire to improve there will be times your conviction is tested. Recently I’ve recommitted to eat better quality of food, exercise more, and drink more water. My problem is I love eating pizza, pastries, and anything else that is bad for you. How can I eat well and exercise when traveling from one town to the next on a tight schedule? No matter what the goal is in life that you desire to improve it comes back to your level of commitment and conviction. Having a conviction stronger than your desire to please yourself is a requirement for reaching the achievement. No matter what you are reaching for expect struggle along the way towards achieving it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual goal or a corporate one never expect easy. Don’t leave yourself a loophole that will provide an excuse for you not having enough conviction to reach it. Consider your conviction towards achievement the foundation that must be laid to build the structure for your success. The reason most New Year’s resolutions don’t work is a lack of conviction and discipline. If you desire to live an inspired life achieving success in the goals you set to build your foundation with strong conviction. I have yet to hear Shawn Dill make an excuse. You shouldn’t either.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.

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