The Team Without A Coach

No professional sports team would consider going without a coach. There may be times where they terminate employment of a coach and have an interim position however, professional sports understand the need for good coaching. A good coach knows how to get the most out of individual players and inspire the team.
When things go well the coach should always give credit to the team and when they go poorly except the responsibility for the results. Both players and coaches have vast amounts of experience yet also look at creative ways to approach the game and gain advantage over the opposition. In the dealership world a lack of training is considered normal. You will promote a person into the position of management or coach, without prior experience or understanding what is required to get a good result. You’ll place an advisor at a terminal in service with no experience in customer care and wonder why your dealership struggles with customer satisfaction.
Would a professional team hire a player that hasn’t experienced the sport in the past? Recently I visited a dealership that promoted an individual to be the service manager that was a good advisor. They figured this was a natural promotion footprint, yet wondered why the results weren’t showing up after a year. Although this advisor was exposed to the service environment, how would they understand technician efficiencies and proficiency to develop profitability? How would they understand best practice processes to maximize the customer experience and develop the team into top level performance? The general manager of the dealership might tell them they need to get this number or that number up however, provide no instruction on how to achieve the result. This practice has doomed many individuals into failure and must be stopped.
Just as a professional sports team would never go without a coach, dealerships must invest in professional coaching so their people are prepared for success. Fixed operations today are more critical than ever in ensuring the survival of the dealership. It is been my great joy to build a company that will assist the success of individuals in the fixed operations team and help everyone prosper. The action you take today in training and coaching to maximize performance with your team insures the success for tomorrow.
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