Unanswered Questions

It doesn’t matter if you are in management or a staff member on a team so many have unanswered questions. One example of is a large majority of general managers for car dealerships come from a sales background. They are experts when it comes to selling cars and are very good at their trade. However, their fixed operations experience is very little and develops questions that go unanswered. They might not ask a question so their inexperience doesn’t illustrate itself to other team members. Team members have similar situations that they don’t ask questions because they don’t want anyone to believe they don’t know the answer already. Unanswered questions generally lead to reduced results and job satisfaction. Countless times in conversations with managers and staff it begins with “this may seem like a stupid question but”. We need to develop a culture that encourages questions and better understanding from everybody. In training sessions our company encourages questions with the understanding everybody feels good about answers. If management expects a good result on customer pay effective labor rates and no one understands how to improve that result,  job performance remains poor. If all questions are answered on how to generate an improved result the likelihood of success is vastly improved. It is without question it is critical to have a learning culture in your dealerships. No one should ever feel small to ask a question and achieve better understanding. In that spirit, if you have a question about your fixed operations you can schedule a no cost phone conversation with me to discuss the issue and get some answers. Don’t ever let your questions go unanswered.

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