Free Webinar
“Warranty Audits Are
on The Increase”

Webinar on the topic of Warranty Audits Are on The Increase
Top Things to Consider to Avoid a Warranty Audit

DATE: December 15, 2021

This webinar will cover an array of topics to help you avoid a warranty audit, such as:

Knowing Your Numbers 
Review Your Warranty Expense Report
Warranty Receivable Schedule
Open Repair Order List
Technician Training levels
Gut Feelings

Implementation of Policy and Procedures
Vin Inspection Sheet *If required
Time Clocking
Making Sure You Have Prior Approval
Parts Stamp for Returns
Making Sure You Have Signatures

Quality Over Quantity
Proper and Economical Repairs
Proper Dispatch
Encouraging Integrity in Your Warranty Claims- Doing the Right Thing When No One Is Looking

Proper Documentation

You’ll hear from:

Gregg Tompkins
Fixed Performance
With over 30 years of experience dealing with warranty audits and being an actual warranty auditor for Jaguar Land Rover for 5 years, Gregg provides an inside and up-close look at this very important dealer topic.

Cecily Cherice Munn
Fixed Performance
Cecily Munn has been in the automotive industry since 2005. She started as a receptionist and quickly moved into the service department, working her way into warranty management. From there, learning how to write service and eventually became the Service and parts manager. Over the years she has been blessed to learn all sides of fixed operations. Her main goal is to help drive numbers while maintaining A+ policies and procedures.

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Webinar on the topic of Warranty Audits Are on The Increase

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